Monday, 21 March 2011

Introducing Flo - Essex Police Puppy

Flo and Skyla relax in their basket
Flo is just over 9 weeks and growing so fast and learning new skills all the time. At the moment she is still enjoying shooting in and out of the cat flap, a feat that will all too soon stop as she is getting bigger and fatter!

She lives with my 2 other dogs, Jacob a collie cross, who allows her to jump all over him hang off his tail and generally have as much fun as is possible. Skyla is a Hungarian Vizsla who is a total princess and puts up with NO nonsense. Then there is my cat Taz who is fair game to Flo seeing as they are on the same level but Flo has discovered her so-called play mate has sharp teeth and claws that catch her unawares!

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