Monday, 16 May 2011

A trip to Lakeside

It's not always sunshine and roses puppy walking! Flo has had some ups and downs recently.

She is still a little nervous of loud sounds and cars but with the slowly patient approach she is learning to overcome these things.

Flo has also finally learned that trying to dive into another dog's food bowl while they're eating will eventually come back to bite you! Literally! She was chastised by my male dog who is normally so tolerant of her with a nip to the nose. No major damage was done and Flo no longer tries to get in his bowl - lesson learned the hard way!

But now for the ups. We recently took a trip to Lakeside Shopping Centre with her sisters and brother. Flo fully enjoyed the trip and took it all in her stride. She thoroughly enjoyed the attention from the toddlers and everyone that she met was bowled over by how cute and how gentle she is. I have to say that also goes for all the other puppies that were there. We created quite a sight but they were all so well behaved.

Having a splashing time

First venture into water deeper than a stream, think she might just like it!