Thursday, 15 September 2011

Up Up and Away

Flo is now about eight months old and she and her brothers and sisters  have all been assessed to see how they are getting on.
The pups were put through a series of tests to see how they are  developing as future police dogs. Sadly little Flo didn't quite make the  grade and trainers at Essex Police's dog unit have decided she doesn't  have all of the qualities needed to become a successful police dog.
Flo won't be taking part in the puppy programme any more and has gone to  live with a lovely couple as a family pet.
She is a bright, healthy and very intelligent little dog who I've loved  looking after. The family and I are going to miss her lots but I'm  really pleased she is going to be well looked after by a lady called Fay  Edwards who is a police officer with the Essex Police helicopter. Flo's brothers and sisters all did well in the assessment and will  continue training to become police dogs.
Being a puppy walker has been a challenge I've enjoyed every minute of  and keeping this blog has been a part of that. Unfortunately I won't be  able to keep this blog any longer but I hope one day I'll be able to  puppy walk another Essex Police puppy.