Flo is one of nine Essex Police German Shepherd puppies. She was born on January 9, 2011 after her mum, Essex Police dog Freya, was bred with a dog belonging to Greater Manchester Police.

Flo was given a name beginning with the letter 'F' to match her six sisters Faelin, Fidgett, Flo, Fran, Flagg and Frieda and brothers Frosty and Faldo.

The playful pup was cared for at kennels in Manchester before making her first appearance with her siblings at Essex Police's dog unit on Friday, March 4, 2011.

When the pups are about a year old they will be paired with a police dog handler to begin training to become general purpose police dogs. Until then they are cared for by volunteers known as puppy walkers.

Flo is being looked after by puppy walker Julie Boxer from Billericay who will feed and care for her and introduce her to as many different environments as possible to prepare her for training.

If all goes well Flo will begin a 13-week training course in January 2012. If she makes the grade she could be used to police the 2012 London Olympics.